Supervisory Meetings

supervision-of-colleagues-300x200 Our long-term presence in the field of service providing has taught us the importance of co-operation in achieving goals and in solving problems that might occur.

Listening and paying attention to the need and desire of many senior students and new colleagues for advice and guidance in managing cases, has led us to create a programme of supervisory meetings. Our wish is to share and to pass on our knowledge, skills, information and clinical experience.

Training Colleagues to be Shadow Teachers at School

At school, students are asked to show academic and social skills, autonomy, to gain knowledge and understand the world around them through the curriculum, the rules of gamesand social interaction.

The teacher is the aid to the childrens’ effort. But sometimes it is not always possible for the whole team to be synchronized, as each child has their own pace in perception and understanding. In the more difficult cases, the presence of a shadow teacher is very important as they can:

  • Help in practical matters, like writing
  • Apply behavior control techniques
  • Reinforce the child’s concentration
  • Help in the child’s incorporation in a team
  • Participate in the planning and application of an individual educational plan for the child

Some cases in which shadowing has very satisfying results are:

  • In children with Asperger’s syndrome
  • In children with high functioning autism
  • In students with difficulties at a level of reading and understanding
  • In students with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder)
  • In students with difficulties in fine and/or gross motor

With a deep feeling of responsibility towards students, parents, teachers and colleagues the interdisciplinary team of Paidokinisi offers education/guidance to interested shadow teachers, so we can help our students reach their true potential!