We are travelling companions in your child’s journey towards better mental health

With scientific responsibility from the diagnosis to the treatment.

Autonomously or alongside other therapies, our pediatric physiologists reinforce parents and children in their attempt to find healthy ways of communication and claim their place in society. With their many years of experience they offer a neutrsl perspective of the events and they help in finding solutions to the problems of everyday life.
We can help your child safely by:

  • Improving their mental health (e.g. to be more happy)
  • Improving their self esteem and self confidence
  • Improving any problematic behavior


We use the most documented approaches in pediatric psychology, such as:

Systematic Approach

According to the systematic approach, the person is an integral part of a “system”, of an interdependent and mutually influencing whole. Some examples are the family, the school, the working environment, the social environment etc.

Cognitive – Behavioral Approach

The primary goal of the cognitive – behavioral approach is the development of a new way of thinking and action. The way of thinking of a person, the way they perceive reality, affects their emotions and behavior to a great extent. An unrealistic or dysfunctional way of thinking can lead to unpleasant emotions and problematic behavior, which through the cognitive – behavioral approach can be reduced.


Feel safe with us!


Qualified staff


Modern and comfortable environment


Providing solutions for any cases


We co-operate with all insurance funds


We serve all South Suburbs of Athens

Do not hesitate to contact us concerning any problem such as:

  • If you have any questions or disagreements concerning your child’s edification
  • If your family has experienced an ordeal, such as a divorce, an illness etc
  • If your child displays a sudden change in eating habits
  • If they display difficulties in sleeping (insomnia, nightmares, sleepiness)
  • If they keep to themselves, avoid any kind of dialogue or show signs of aggressiveness
  • If your child has no confidence or doesn’t feel good about themselves
  • If they behave disobediently at home or at school
  • If you feel like your child is hiding the truth from you
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Visit us: Address: Georgiou Papandreou 18 and Grammou, Argiroupolis, Tel. 210 9942920, email: info@paidokinisicentre.gr

Regions we serve: Argiroupolis, Alimos, Ilioupolis, Glyfada, Palaio Faliro, Voula, Hellinicon, Agios Dimitrios